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Tuition really can be easy and fun ,

now of course that’s easier said than done,

and we’re not saying that our tutors are ‘super-tutors’

but they are certainly more helpful than facebook or computers.

They make sure that you understand your work,

which is better than sitting at home going berserk;

our tutors help you understand the syllabus through and through,

giving you confidence in class, being able to answer questions out of the blue.

Tutors are not here to set you lots of things to do,

they’re here to help build confidence and help mentor you,

they’re here to take your mind off facebook and C.O.D

which I know sounds a little bit odd,

but you need to get your head down and study

and that is where a tutor can be your buddy,

helping you through these tricky exams and tests,

they’ve been there before so they know what’s best.

So keep your head down and work like a little mouse,

if you need any help just contact tutor house.

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