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The Personal Statement: How to write one

Writing the perfect personal statement can often be a tricky process with so much to consider and get right!
Many institutions will use your personal statement as an opportunity to get an insight into who you are, what you have to offer and your experiences to date. So it is crucial to have a personal statement which accurately reflects and represents you to the institution.

Here at Tutor House we can help you begin to devise the perfect personal statement. The below step by step process serves as a starting point:

  1. Although your personal statement will be a representation of yourself, it is important that your personal statement is tailored for the course and institution you are applying to. People reading your personal statement will want to know:

–        Why you are applying for that specific course?

–        Why you?

–        What can you bring to their institution?

Therefore, before beginning to write your personal statement it is important to answer these questions yourself first.

  1. Make a list of all your experiences, extracurricular activities and achievements. Once you have your list, you can begin to filter by those you believe the institutions you are applying to will want to know about or those most relevant to the courses you are applying to study.Thereafter, begin writing short paragraphs on each one. Remember, it is useful to have a variety and selection of texts to choose from when editing your statement.
  2. Now you can begin to look at the structure of your personal statement. Ask yourself the below questions:

–        What do you want your introduction to include and how do you want it to sound?

–        What are the key points you would like to be included in your personal statement?

–        Finally, how do you want your personal statement to flow?

Remember it is important to have a personal statement that reads and follows on well. It doesn’t need to be a literacy masterpiece but it is important to have a well thought out, structured and consistent personal statement.

If you are stuck on your statement and need help getting started or you simply need someone to look over and offer their expert advice, then Tutor House is here to help.

With over 10 years of experience in helping students perfect their personal statements and a strong track record for getting students into their desired courses and institutions, Tutor House has a wealth of experience and knowledge to offer to its students.