A-Level Textiles Tutoring in London

At Tutor House, we provide the essential tools for A-Level Textiles tutoring that are both engaging and fascinating. All of our Textiles Tutors have years of experience and are enthusiastic about their exceptional teaching methods.

Our tutors aim to make Textiles as stimulating and interactive as possible. They make sure students feel confident in tackling every part of the syllabus.

Textiles is the study of the design, manufacture, and marketing of clothing and other textile products.Textiles allows students to develop their understanding of the history, sociology, and economics of clothing and textiles.

“Every time that I wanted to give up, if I saw an interesting textile, print what ever, suddenly I would see a collection.”
-Anna Sui

Breakdown of the core Textiles A-Level modules:

  • Technical principles
  • Designing and making principles

Benefits of studying Textiles at A-Level

Textiles is a huge combination of development methods, problem solving and the acquisition of practical skill sets. A-Level Textiles is a great subject to take if you intend to specialize in designing and printmaking. 

Why is it worth studying A-Level Textiles?

Textiles specialists are masterminds of the texturized world. Therefore, Textiles specialists are able to use their gained knowledge and skill sets to generate creative ideas and concepts that help them find work in the textile industry or to set up their own business.

This field also allows you to enhance your planning and research skills, and increase general knowledge on other subjects.

What can you do with a Textiles degree?

If students choose to study Textiles at degree level there are a vast number of careers opportunities open to them. Students are likely to be employed as a clothing/textile technologist, interior designer or fashion designer.

Did you know? The textile business will never die out. People will always need clothing and materials, which guarantees an endlessly solid job market. 

Top universities to study a Textiles degree:

  • University of Gloucestershire
  • University of Central Lancashire
  • University of Glasgow
  • Coventry University
  • Sheffield Hallam University