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Where is the best place to retake your A-levels in London?

There are a number of places in London and throughout the UK to retake your A-levels. The difference with resitting A-levels at Tutor House is flexibility. And here are 3 reasons as to why Tutor House is the best for retaking A-levels in London:

  • You can choose the exam board for your A-levels, you don’t have to change exam boards if you’re retaking, you can stick with what you took previously.
  • If you want to work, or gain work experience, you can, because at Tutor House we timetable your A-level retakes around you. You decide.
  • And finally, but best of all, you can choose your teacher. You can choose who you want to work with over the course of the academic year, you choose who’ll guide you through your A-level retake in London.

How do A-level retakes work?

For the majority of subjects at A-level you can just enter for summer (May/June) exams and take all your exams then, for your A-level retake. Under the new linear A-level’s you must sit all exams at the end of the academic year. Students who are retaking languages, like French, Spanish or German have oral exams to retake in April time. And those who are retaking English A-level, Geography A-level and History A-level and a few other A-level subjects will have coursework assessments. These can be submitted early. Usually by April each year, but the sooner the better.

Can I take a short A-level retake course? How do short crammer A-level courses work?

Tutor House runs both long A-level retake courses from September – June each year, but we also run intensive short retake courses for all A-level’s. These short, intensive courses, run from January – June every year. As there are no January retakes anymore for A-level’s, both courses run to June. Usually students have 3-4 hours of contact time her subjects per week. If students are studying an A-level from scratch or they are converting from a Pre-U subject to an A-level, we would recommend 5 hours of tutoring per week.

What sort of teachers do we have for our A-level retake courses?

The best, obviously. You can view some of our specialist retake tutors here.

We only work with highly experienced tutors. Most are ex-teachers, some are examiners and all tutors are DBS checked and interviewed. We have a great track record of improving grades for A-levels each year. Most students improve by at least two grades. As students get individual and tailored tutoring for their A-levels, tutors can focus on a variety of ways to improve grades, whichever one works best for the student.

What are the costs of A-level retake courses?

We are around 20% cheaper than any sixth form retake college. Prices start from £3950 per year, per subject, for a long retake course. And from £3000 for our short retake A-level course.

Can you retake your A-levels online?

Yes, you can. The only complication is the exams. You will need to be available in May/June each year to retake your exams. A growing number of students are retaking their A-levels online, they have ongoing online tutoring every week. Some students travel to London once a month for face-to-face tutoring with their teacher, but otherwise, all tutoring is conducted online via our online platform.

When can you start to retake your A-levels?

Now. We accept students throughout the academic year, but we recommend an absolute minimum of 6 months. We can only do so much with less time. Most students undertake our 8-month retake program and complete their A-level retake within one academic year.

Good luck and contact us if you need any help or have any questions:

T: 02039500320