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Studying with Friends

Friends can sometimes be our best teachers and they can explain and articulate topics in a way which is relevant and makes sense. So why not try leaning on friends more often for help with assignments and revision. Finding the right friend to study with can often be tricky. We all have friends who we know that no matter what pressures we are under we will never be able to study with them. So how do you know which friend you can study with?

Firstly, it is important to ensure that you are at the same level. If for example, one of you is in the top set for Science and the other is in the middle set then you will both have different topics and levels to reach.

Secondly, are your attitudes towards academia similar? Through sharing similar views and opinions regarding learning you can be sure that your friend will take your study sessions as seriously as you.

Thirdly, do you share similar study habits? For example, if you can only concentrate for an hour before needing a short break, however your friend is able to study for a longer duration before requiring a break then you may find there to be a mismatch in routines which will ultimately disrupt how productive your sessions will be.

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