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The benefits of Summer private tuition

The summer months are a time of recuperation, leisurely activities and holidays abroad for many students.

However, for others it’s an opportunity to secure themselves a guaranteed grade in their upcoming exams in the new academic year, boost their self confidence in a particular subject matter, get on top of coursework so that they can give their full attention on exam technique and understanding or simply take some time to improve their academic prospects.

It is for those reasons we have seen a surge in summer tuition over the last few years with competition to get into schools, (especially the Common Entrance exmas) colleges and universities rising. Many parents feel that a ten week break away from academia will not be beneficial for their child’s ongoing learning development and prefer to rather have an hour or two of private tuition during the summer break. This enables students to learn at a pace that is not subject to any stress or deadlines which in itself provides a fantastic platform to tackle any areas of doubts or concerns. The time leading up to exams can often be a very stressful time for students and many find it hard to perform to their optimum when they are under such pressures. Additional spport, private tuition and weekly courses can really help prevent this.

Some students wish to give themselves a head start by being introduced to certain subject material before the beginning of the new academic year so that they do not fall behind during term time. The term time can move at a very quick pace and can leave students feeling lost and confused if they haven’t had enough time to understand the material being taught. This is why many wish to have ongoing support throughout the summer months with a particular focus on a subject such as Maths, Physics etc.

The summer months also allow for an opportunity to explore subjects students are not necessarily sure of. For example, before choosing to take AS Drama a student may want a few lessons in Drama to ascertain if this is a subject they wish to study. Students face tough decisions when choosing their options for GCSE, A-levels and University courses, and it is beneficial to have a few lessons in subjects before fully deciding. This prevents any disruption during the course of the academic year regarding possible interim course changes.

The summer months are indeed a time to rejuvenate and recharge batteries which is why it is also an ideal time to continue with one’s own learning development without any added pressures or expectations. Those who have taken up a few hours of private tuition over the summer holidays have seen a significant improvement in their confidence, understanding and performance. It is not to say that these students have given up their summer but they have made productive use of their time to also invest in their future. Even two weeks of additional private tuition can really help.