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Staying organised and managing time is easily one of the trickiest things to master in life and technology can either help with this or completely destroy your time management abilities. So, to help avoid the latter we have compiled some of the most useful (and free) browser extensions, apps and mobile apps to help you stay on top of things and stay flawlessly organised. 

Chrome Apps to Overcome Procrastination

It’s probably happened to everyone, needing to read an email but not having a functioning Internet connection to do so. Never find yourself in or avoid ever ending up in that predicament ever again with Gmail Offline available for Google Chrome.

Another ingenious Chrome App from Google, take note visually with Google Drawings.

Work entirely from your browser and do away with having to continuously having to hide and reopen programs on your computer with; PowerPoint Online, Excel Online and Word Online.

Never, ever lose your work again and back it up on an online drive. OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox are all great platforms that support virtually every file type and offer a substantial amount of free storage.

Chrome ‘New Tab’ Extensions

You would never think that your ‘New Tab’ could serve as a distraction, but those frequently visited sites are just innocently sitting there and you’re not at all tempted to click on and reopen Facebook, no not at all. So refresh your ‘New Tab’ page with a ‘New Tab’ Extension to ensure you avoid all possible temptations.

Momentum has a very personalized feeling to it, not only does it show you the time and weather in your local area, it also allows you to create a custom to do list. The backdrop image for the extension changes throughout the day, showing very tranquil looking places throughout the world along with a motivational quote at the bottom of the screen.

WunderlistWunderlist developed by Microsoft, allows you to turn your ‘New Tab’ page into one giant to-do list. It features a text field to allow you to create your to-do list as well as a quick link to your Google Chrome Apps.

Currently is very clean and simple  app thats shows you the current weather, a five-day forecast and time in your local area. Although it does not feature a custom to-do list function it still takes away from the distraction of your current ‘New Tab’ page. It is also fairly customizable and allows you to set the text and background colour.

Chrome Buttons

The time you spend browsing Facebook is directly comparable to that last five minutes before getting out of bed. It will not feel like five minutes, it will feel more like one. The Toggl button for Google Chrome allows you to track your time spent online. You can view all your tracking in your profile as well as set an economic value to projects you are currently working on, so you can see exactly how much time and money you have wasted. Toggl is also available for iOS and Android.

IOS and Android Apps to Stop Procrastination

Gero Time Management Companion set the amount of time you want to spend on a task and when you want a quick two minute break, it will continually notify you when you are due a break and when you need to get back to the task at hand. Ultimately it is the perfect tool to help you manage your revision breaks.

Eidetic is an app that’ uses a technique called spaced repetition to help you memorise anything’. So in reality it’s one of the best apps to get addicted to.

Now, go forth into the world and stay (relatively) procrastination free.