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If you’ve ever wondered, “Where can I find a Biology tutor near me?” Tutor House has your answer.

Hundreds of exceptional Biology tutors are keen on changing the way you or your child grasp this highly disciplined subject. No matter what your individual needs may be, we are confident that we will find the right tutor for you.

This month, we’d like to feature a few of the Biology tutors who have done an outstanding job with their students: 

Caitlin N

A lively fourth-year Medicine student with a certificate of distinction under her belt, Caitlin is confident that her students will earn A* on their exams under her instruction. She is particularly interested in Biology, which makes her ability to teach the subject invaluable for students.

Jan C

Jan is both a science technician and tutor with a PhD in inorganic and material chemistry, demonstrating his extensive background in sciences. He has led students to academic success and helped them enter desired programs as a result of his tutoring sessions.

Sarbraj M

An enthusiastic and hard working medical student, Sarbraj is able to help hopeful future medical students along with the process to getting into medical school, in addition to his thorough background in Biology.

Mihaela N

Mihaela has been doing extensive Cognitive Neuroscience research during her postgraduate degree, and brings her passion and enthusiasm for Biology into each of her tutoring sessions. Her visual approach with helping each of her students comprehend material tremendously enhances their learning experience.

Ambra A

As a Research Associate with an extensive background in both Biology and Chemistry, Ambra has had several years of experience in the field in the UK and throughout Europe. Her unique approach to each of her students’ lessons makes each of her sessions invaluable.