Private Tuition in London

At Tutor House we want students and tutors to work together, to learn more, to create a bond and to grow together to achieve a common goal.

That’s why we’ve been matching teachers with learners all over the country for over 5 years; ensuring students benefit from tutoring and making sure parents receive feedback and support from tutors.

Private Tuition at Tutor House

Private tutoring, from high class, experienced and knowledgeable tutors is invaluable. A good tutor can make a huge difference not only to a students academic potential, but also to their confidence and productivity.

We’ve met all of our tutors, they’re part of our team and we know them well. We work with fantastic tutors, who offer a variety of tutoring, covering many different educational fields including primary, GCSE, A-level, I.B, Pre-U, Degree and SEN support.


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We’re proud to offer a vast range of options depending on the needs of the student, with a flexible approach we are able to offer a dedicated private tuition service tailored to the individual for the maximum chance of success.

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A Level Tutors

Your A-Levels are the gateway to university and your professional future. All of our A-Level tutors have a University degree in the subjects they teach. They have all been personally interviewed by our team and they all have a valid DBS certificate.

GCSE and iGCSE (14-16)

Private tutoring can be invaluable at GCSE as students are increasingly feeling the pressure to achieve the top grades to progress into college. A number of universities now require Maths, English and Science GCSE as a prerequisite for university admission, so, in many ways, success at GCSE is as important as it is at A-Level.


Homeschooling is a great way to specialise in specific subject areas, to build a strong relationship with a qualified tutor, and to gain and develop exceptional study skills while boosting their confidence around all academic and personal areas.

Common Entrance

Many students in the UK sit Common Entrance exams as part of the of admission process into selective secondary schools. The Common Entrance exam is usually sat at 13 but can be sat at 11 and 8 years of age. We provide tailored private Common Entrance tuition for children applying to independent London Schools. A pass rate of 60% is usually required.


We offer English Language training in order to help international students prepare for the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) exam. This is essential training for any international student hoping to start or continue their education in the UK. Tutor House also provides tuition for the CELTA and TOEFL qualifications.

International Baccalaureate

At Tutor House, you can get expert tuition and help for your qualification, whatever it might be. Our qualified and trusted International Baccalaureate tutors can help provide you with the best chance of success.


We have some of the most knowledgeable and experienced tutors in London, specialising in English, Maths, Science and Business Pre-U, but we cater for all subjects. You can sit (or re-sit) any Pre-U exams in June and November each year.

Residential Tuition

Tutors can travel with the student(s) and their families to locations around the globe, where the atmosphere is more relaxed and student usually feel comfortable in their own surroundings. Residential tuition usually last between 1-4 weeks, however, we have had tutors travel with clients for 6-12 months.

University Tuition

Whether a student is looking to learn or improve their English whilst studying in London, or require degree level tutors to help pass their exams – Tutor House can help. Search for your subject and find a tutor today.

Online Tuition

Online tuition makes it easier and more convenient than ever to access high-quality tutors from the comfort of your own home – wherever you are, whenever you need support. Tutors that offer Skype tuition will have a badge on their profile page, but ask away because most of our tutors offer online support.

Educational Courses

We regularly run educational workshops in London including A-Level and GCSE revision courses, exam retake courses, evening language classes, conferences and evening talks!

Educational Support

In addition to providing tutors for A-Levels and GCSE, we also offer educational support for Dyslexia, UCAS and University applications and homeschool.