Retaking A-Levels: AS & A2 Resit Courses in London

Retake or start your A-Levels with Tutor House

Here at Tutor House we offer A-Level retake courses for all subjects and exam boards, including Edexcel (Pearson), OCR, AQA and CIE. Retaking exams is painful, we’re here to help reduce the pain and get you the grades!

We also provide assistance to students who require extra help with other aspects of the curriculum such as English coursework and science practicals. However, our work doesn’t stop there. Our teachers and tutors offer support to students applying to both UK and international universities.

We’ve worked with a variety of students over the years; those who have been excluded from school, or those who may be ill and need tailored private 1-1 support, as the school environment does not work for them. Tutor House offers a teaching service that is flexible, tailored and run by expert teachers and tutors.

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 Retaking A-Levels – retake courses with Tutor House

To start we arrange a meeting with one of the Tutor House team, where we work through a plan and set goals for the upcoming academic year.

Our focus is on past A-level exam papers and model answers, but also on confidence and personal growth, motivating students to succeed.

Our retake tutors will work with you to find out the exact areas that you need support in. They will also provide a supportive environment to give you the knowledge and confidence to excel in your subject. Your tutor, along with the Tutor House team, can also help you facilitate a UCAS application to accompany your improved A-Level grades. Retaking A-Levels will increase your chances of getting into a top university.

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The benefits of retaking your A-level, Pre-U or GCSE exams with Tutor House:

What are the advantages of retake courses?

  • One-one private tuition is better than 20-1 tuition
  • Last chance to get it right!
  • Acquiring organisation and study skills.
  • Improve concentration and confidence.
  • Feedback 24/7 (WEP)
  • Exam-focused
  • Exam entries and our centre
  • Support at Tutor House

What else other services do we offer at Tutor House?

  • Weekend revision sessions
  • Weekly short retake courses
  • Exam techniques weekends and days
  • Study skills weekends
  • Dyslexia support days
  • UCAS and University support and advice

Our A-level courses and Pre-University tuition can help you with all of the preparation you need to pass first time – but if not you can always take advantage of specific retake courses. Our A-level tutors are able to help with resits across a variety of subjects. Ask us about our A-Level retake courses in London.

Testimonial from Juliette C:

“Dialling back, the retake seemed a functional, somewhat practical step, a necessity. But through Tutor House, this has translated into a learning experience Richard is so pleased not to have missed, with inspired teaching well beyond the goal of achieving high grades – something he will look back on with memorable pleasure. Nora’s French and Ned’s History sessions are a highlight of the week, their preparation superb and delivery totally engaging, with detailed knowledge of the exam specification channeling time and effort very productively.

Around that, the personally tailored framework of guidance, encouragement and support you have given us in the UCAS process, Alex, has been instrumental, making a world of difference in the outcome of excellent university offers. We are enormously glad to have found Tutor House! All in all, a huge thank you to you and your tutors.”

To find out more about our A-Level retake courses in London, please email us on or give us a call on 0203 9500 320.