Pre-U Tuition Courses and Tutors

We’re committed to providing tutors for every stage of education. Whether that’s common entrance tuition, GCSE tuition, A-Level tuition and even pre-university qualifications.

With Tutor House, you can retake your Pre-U exams in London. We have a brand new exam centre in central London. You can sit any Pre-U exam with us.

Pre-U: How Our Pre-University Courses Work

We offer flexible weekly timetables for students. All tutors have teaching experience in top London Schools including Charterhouse, Oundle, and Eton.

  • The Cambridge Pre-U course helps prepare students for university and has become popular in recent years as an alternative to A-Levels.
  • The Pre-U course follows on from iGCSE and Cambridge Secondary 2 qualifications. It has been running since 2008 and aims to provide students with a more extended academic profile.
  • Already a large number of secondary education providers are ‘switching’ to Pre-U from A-Level, the benefits are that the level is more advanced, therefore universities look more favourably on students undertaking Pre-U.

Tutors at Tutor House offer Pre-U private tuition which is tailored to the student’s needs. We have many experience Pre-U tutors who are working in Schools who offer Pre-U.

Pre-U Tuition Testimonials

We have some of the most knowledgeable and experienced tutors in London, specialising in English, Maths, Science and Business Pre-U, but we cater for all subjects. You can sit (or re-sit) any Pre-U exams in June and November each year.

To talk to us directly about Pre-U or anything else, contact us on or 020 7612 8297 — we're here to help.