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I attained a B.A. Hons Degree in English Literature and Language (2:1) from the modern Humanities-focused, Newman University in Birmingham (established in 2013). As a result, I excelled in my degree and have learned from the best. This has instilled within me the need and passion to continue my learning in everything English Literature and everything English Language, which I also intend to instil within my students.

I have a lot of experience, from working with little primary school toddlers in France, to working closely tutoring a group of University students last year. This year I have mainly been working with A Level students though who I teach varies - I like variety. My aim to guide my students into achieving the high grades is unwavering and my enjoyment of the subject tends to be infectious.

Furthermore, I have SEN experience with a Higher Distinction qualification in Advanced Special Educational Needs. I am also currently studying TESOL. I have experience in News Journalism and writing in various forms from poetry to Science Fiction.

I am completely up to date with the new specifications, across all the exam boards, have created many resources for them and have inspired confidence in my students due to my in depth knowledge of them.

I believe that a positive mind renders positive results so I will always be the student's mentor, coach and personal cheerleader.

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Kidderminster College
A Levels: English, Psychology, Media. AS Level: Drama
Newman University, Birmingham
B.A. Hons Degree in English Literature and Language (2:1)

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IELTS, EFL (English as a Foreign Language)

Annabella M
£40 per hour