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I am an experienced teacher and tutor having worked in English and French schools and with French and Italian families. I also hold an MPhil in Anthropology from Cambridge and a first class BA in Politics from Sheffield. My experiences have taught me the importance of forming strong and supportive bonds with my students, in order to encourage them to do their best and instil a passion for learning. I try to make my lessons as fun and engaging as possible, while still developing critical thinking skills and getting homework done!

I first experienced teaching as an undergraduate, as I was a classroom assistant at a secondary school teaching English to pupils who were struggling with the GCSE curriculum. I enjoyed this experience so much: helping the students learn was so rewarding, as was getting to know them over the months I spent working with them. I always tried to find new and creative methods of instruction to enable my students to do their best. I also worked in a lycée just outside Paris as an English teacher, taking classes of between 10 – 16 students. The level of English varied greatly, and so I was constantly adapting my lessons and approach to teaching in order to ensure all my students were still benefitting and learning.

I also spent a summer as a tutor for three Italian children, in Italy, aged 5, 9 and 12. I helped them across subjects, but especially with English, working through their summer homework and reinforcing what they had learnt the previous year. As it was the holidays, I tried to make sure we had fun, while still focussing on homework. They attended international school and so their level of English was strong, my role was to improve their confidence and fluency. I also tutored in Paris, for a French family with children aged 5, 8 and 11. I taught all three English, a subject which the elder two had just begun studying but which the younger one had not yet begun, and was able to see them improve dramatically during my time with them as we went through basic grammar and vocabulary.

I also acted as a mentor while at university, helping new international students get to grips with the UK style of teaching, essay writing and approach to learning. This included providing detailed help with planning, structuring and writing essays, as well managing long reading lists, presentations and group work.

In my spare time I love doing arts and crafts, reading and audio editing!

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BA (Hons) Politics
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Laura B
£40 per hour