Nigel S
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English Language with Nigel S

Prep school teacher and 11+/13+ expert

Educated at Oxford and Bristol, I am an 11+ and 13+ specialist in English and Maths, having taught both at a top London prep school, rated outstanding.

This year, six of my pupils gained entry to City of London Boys. I've had success training kids to pass tests for KCS Wimbledon, Eton, Westminster, Haberdashers, QE Grammar etc.

I am well-versed in 11+, pre-tests, and 13+ and supply my own bespoke material. I am fun, tap into a student`s natural interests, and train them rigorously in the ways of 11+ and 13+. There is no need for you to supply papers!

I also teach GCSE and A level English and my students have gone from Es to As in their exams - thus winning their places at top universities.

I have a first class BA in English from Bristol, a Masters from Oxford in Politics, and I am a PhD candidate in English at Royal Holloway.

I absolutely love what I do. Previously, I was a BBC & Channel Four television producer. I made programmes with Jon Snow, Boris Johnson, Gordon Brown, and well known presenters. I`ve also worked at a political analyst advising multinationals on investments in Asia.

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Bristol University
BA (Hons) English & Drama
MSc Politics

GCSE & iGCSE subjects

English Language, Government and Politics, English Literature

Nigel S
£50 per hour