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I am an enthusiastic and highly experienced tutor who has helped hundreds of students to improve their performance in their subjects and excel in their exams. I have always ensured that I found out what students' individual needs were and made it my business to meet those individual needs during the course of their classes. I discuss my students' goals during their first lesson so that they start with clear aims in mind. I encourage students to become aware of their strengths rather than their weaknesses and make sure that they practise anything they are unsure of until they improve.

I taught English as a Foreign Language for 6 years in Spain, during which time I had the opportunity to teach people of different age groups, from young children to middle-aged adults. It was with this type of experience that I taught both adults ad children when I started teaching in London, which I still do in Manchester today. I teach mostly Maths and English to children and French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian to adults. I have successfully taught a number of language students online.

If you need a tutor who will inspire confidence in you, I can do this. Here are some of my students' testimonials:
Paul has been teaching me Portuguese for the last two and half years and during that time I have learnt enough to be able to have an enjoyable conversation with my partner's family. Paul is both patient and methodical and always ensures that I practise the language well and learn what I need. I look forward to learning more from Paul so that I feel even more part of my partner's family

Karoline: Paul taught me conversational Spanish for two years. he helped me widen my vocabulary, understand more key words and phrases and even learn the subjunctive. When I visited my friends in Spanish I was able to talk in more depth and enjoy my conversations with them much more. Thank you, Paul for being so supportive and patient.

Mark: Paul taught me Spanish conversation for three years. During that time he helped me to practise the kind of words and phrases that I would use in real life. I improved from being a hesitant intermediate student to being a very confident advanced student and cannot thank Paul enough for his guidance.

Harriet: Paul taught me advanced French conversation online. I am a journalist and needed help to improve my French conversation so that I could go on assignments to French-speaking countries and do research on situations which I would end up writing about. Paul was an excellent tutor, teaching me lessons on a wide variety of different situations, which were to prove very useful once I went abroad to work on assignments. Paul's lessons were invaluable and prepared me well.

When I'm not tutoring I like participating in local 5km park runs, cycling, watching rugby or cricket. I also like seeing live music and plays.

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Portsmouth University
BA (Hons) Spanish

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Paul G
£30 per hour