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Excellent tutor. Always goes the extra mile to support his students.


My son was again very happy with the support he got from Bill


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Super Tutor
An outstanding tutor who is recommended both by Tutor House and our customers.

English Literature with Bill S

At present in my early 50s, I began teaching, in a London tutorial college, straight after coming down from Oxford. A few years after that, I interrupted my teaching career to return to university to pursue doctoral research, but I continued to see a small number of private students throughout my time as a post-graduate student. Accordingly, I have something in the region of thirty years’ experience of helping students to realise their potential and, quite often, to exceed their expectations of themselves.

Over my years in the profession, I have gradually added strings to my bow, supplementing English Language and Literature, the subjects on which I initially focussed, with several others, including History of Art, Philosophy, Religious Studies, and Film Studies. In any given year, depending on the needs of the school at which I was teaching, perhaps two or three of these subjects would have taken precedence, with the result that I have a lengthy track record of delivering impressive grades in all of them. (Honesty dictates my acknowledging that it is a few years since I last taught Film, but, if anyone were to request my services in that area, I guarantee that I would quickly refresh my knowledge of the syllabus and familiarise myself with any new emphases introduced since my last spell as a Film tutor.)

The following is a quotation from the reference supplied by the school from which I resigned last year, after twenty years as Head of English and de facto Head of Humanities, in order to focus on private tuition:

‘Bill’s main virtues as a teacher […] are his infectious enthusiasm for his subjects, his immense knowledge and erudition, his intimate familiarity with past papers and assessment criteria, his commitment to his pupils, his willingness to make supererogatory efforts on their behalf, his provision of extensive and meticulous course notes, and his generosity with his time.’


University of Oxford
BA Language and Literature
University of Essex
Ph.D Literature

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English Language, English Literature