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I have been working as Teacher of Chemistry and Secondary Mathematics & Science Teacher in Secondary Schools across UK for more than 10 years. Alongside, I have been offering private tuitions to A-level students in Chemistry and Mathematics, and to GCSE students in Mathematics and Combined Sciences.

My tutoring sessions include covering the curriculum through presentations (embedded with highlighted keywords), dictation notes and verbal explanations; helping with completing homework assignments and courseworks; practising questions from textbooks, workbooks, professional worksheets and past examination papers; exam revision using recent examination papers and exam-style extension questions; support and guidance for practical assessments through presentations, worksheets, examination questions and videos.

A majority of my students who have taken regular sessions with me has made me proud by securing outstanding grades in their GCSEs and A-levels, and are currently studying in Sixth Form Colleges or Universities of their choice in their chosen fields. Some of them even contact me while in their higher education and I'm happy to offer them any support and advice I can to see them progress successfully in their academic and professional career.

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University of Wales Institute, Cardiff
MBA (Finance)
University of Calcutta, India
MSc (Chemistry)

A-Level & AS Level subjects

Chemistry, Maths

Roopak C
£40 per hour