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I am a friendly and hardworking student who is currently studying Biomedical Sciences at King's College London University which compliments my passion for mathematics and the sciences. Studying a degree composed of biology and chemistry has allowed me to further increase and strengthen my knowledge in these subjects, allowing me to be very knowledgeable on the contents taught in both GCSE and A Level Sciences.

Through tutoring, I aim to provide great confidence to all students and help them to enjoy the subjects that they may find challenging. Since I appreciate that every individual has a different style of learning, I aim to adapt my teaching methods to suit each individual in order to provide the best experience and to deliver the content effectively.

I am highly aware of the course structure for the subjects I tutor as well as exam techniques and the different effective approaches to learn content that students often find challenging. My style of teaching is to use diagrams, past papers questions and to deliver engaging sessions to make sure that students have grasped key concepts and are confident enough to tackle an exam style question.
For mathematics, I am aware of many methods and different approaches which can be used to simplify difficult questions which are beneficial and time-saving skills that are useful in exams.

Working in retail for almost 2 years has made me a very calm, understanding and helpful person which are important qualities all tutors should have. I give great importance to every individual that I teach and will aim to deliver the best assistance in helping each individual to achieve their target grades.

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King's College London University
BSc Biomedical Sciences
Ashcroft Technology Academy
A Level Chemistry
Ashcroft Technology Academy
A Level Biology
Ashcroft Technology Academy
A Level Mathematics

GCSE & iGCSE subjects

Biology, Chemistry, Science GCSE (Triple/Double Award), Maths

Elif M
£30 per hour