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I have just finished my second year studying English Literature at Cambridge University, where I have achieved a First in both years so far. I have a huge amount of passion for my subject, which I would love to pass onto others as I tutor them. I also understand the difficulties that studying English literature can pose, however, from structuring essays on set texts to style of writing in unseen work or creative writing, and I am able to help develop these skills and overcome these difficulties.

As well as receiving a D1 in English Pre-U, I studied Spanish and Latin Pre-U at Westminster School, receiving a D1 in Spanish and a D2 in Latin. I strongly believe that languages are the most enriching subjects you can study, both intellectually as they challenge you to think more closely about the language and grammar that we use every day (Latin in particular encourages you to think about the roots of our language and the complexities of grammar, something I find particularly interesting), but also practically, as being able to speak Spanish opens up a whole world of people, experiences and opportunities which would otherwise have been impossibilities. With my help, students could conquer these languages and uncover the enriching and exciting possibilities that they offer.

I also studied Maths to A-Level, where I received an A*. As someone who studied Maths as a complement to other humanities subjects, I like to think that I have a somewhat unique angle from which I can approach Maths teaching, which may be of help to those who are struggling at Maths and would like an extra helping hand.

My main experience has been volunteering-based, as I was a volunteer for 2 years at a special-needs school, where I helped out in the classroom with a range of age-groups, teaching subjects from Science to English. I also have two younger siblings, whom I have helped with their schoolwork for a number of years, in particular informally tutoring my brother in Latin and English.

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Westminster School
A-Level Maths (A*)
Westminster School
Pre-U Latin (D2)
Westminster School
Pre-U Spanish (D1)
Westminster School
Pre-U English (D1)
English Literature undergraduate (First in first two years, about to start third)

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English Literature, Maths, Latin, Spanish

Iris P
£20 per hour