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I am a qualified medical student from King's College London. I have completed my medical degree and in addition successfully completed a Medical Humanities degree within a year at the University of Bristol. As a highly motivated medical student I enjoy a very successful academic career resulting from my use of well honed study skills.

Medicine requires me to demonstrate particular strengths in maths and the sciences, however I have also used my excellent communication skills to present new medical concepts to my colleagues. I have regularly led, set up and organised practical study groups to improve peer skills in objective clinical examinations. I have also taught across a broad range of ability levels: spending two years as an instructor at a swimming club for people with disabilities meant I needed to be positive and encouraging, using my initiative to create fun games and exercises, as well as sympathetic in acknowledging their limitations.

As a tutor I am able to share my pragmatic approach to successful study. This includes: the importance of my commitment to a structured learning framework, ensuring study time is a prioritised but integrated part of life, also allowing for the pursuit of other valuable interests; access to relevant learning material targeted to personal requirements. My strong people skills, combined with a passion for learning and motivational, sympathetic approach mean I am to help tutor others to engage more successfully with their studies.

For those interested in pursuing medicine as a career, I can also offer coaching in attaining acceptance into University to study it as a degree. This includes (but is not limited to) advice on relevant work experience and personal statements, to applications and interview technique. From my experience, I can also offer insight into what it is like to study medicine, and can answer any questions one may have on the course and potential career options.

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King's College London
Medicine (MBBS)
University of Bristol
Medical Humanities (BA)
Woodhouse College
Biology (A Level)
Woodhouse College
Chemistry (A Level)
Woodhouse College
History (A Level)
Woodhouse College
Maths (AS Level)

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Chemistry, Science GCSE (Triple/Double Award), Maths, Physics, History, Biology

Kieran T
£30 per hour