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My name is Nayim, and I have worked as a tutor, teacher, scientist, programmer, and academic.

I graduated with a BA (Hons) in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge in 2016 and graduated with a MSc from the Autonomous University of Barcelona in Astrophysics and Cosmology in 2018.

My professional experience with tutoring began while studying at the University of Cambridge as I partially supported myself through tutoring A-level students in the city and also helping my fellow colleagues in my course.

After graduating, I spent a year in Berlin working and volunteering with groups that were in need of people with mathematics and science skills, and it was here that I started to tutor full-time as I fully supported myself through teaching students Mathematics and Physics, mainly at IB, A-level and University level. I also continued full-time tutoring in Barcelona for a year while completing my masters. My students during these two years ranged from ages 12 to 29, while primarily being in 14 to 19 age range.

During these two years, I was responsible for: liaising with both prospective students and their parents; coordinating lessons and devising tailored lesson plans for my students based on their abilities and curricula; bridging the gaps between my knowledge of courses in the UK and the courses being taught in Europe; understanding how best to engage and teach my students while also tracking their progress to ensure that they were best prepared for their exams.

Since moving to London, I have worked as a maths teacher working with Year 11s, 12s, and 13s - teaching GCSE Maths and A level Maths and Further Maths. I have also worked as a tutor throughout the entire year. This means that I have a great deal of insight on how to both structure a curriculum as well as tailor my lessons to the individuals that I am tutoring.

Some miscellaneous highlights:
I have consistently achieved improvements of 2 grades or more with my students.
I have helped students get into Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial, UCL, Princeton, and Harvard.
I am a published academic.
I have worked both independently, in schools, in universities, and in industry.
I will be teaching a 2 week programme at New York University (Abu Dhabi).

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University of Cambridge
Mathematics, BA
Autonomous University of Barcelona
Astrophysics, MSc

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Nayim P
£90 per hour