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+)Worked as a private Maths Tutor for a student with College Preparatory Mathematics program in Hanoi (July – Aug 2014)
+)Worked as a private Maths Tutor for a group of three students with Edexcel program in Northampton (June – Sep 2013)
+)Worked as a private Maths Tutor: contacted with parents and students and arranged one-to-one Maths tutorial lessons for secondary or primary students (2014 - now)

+)Assisted teachers in helping students to comprehend new concepts and to do tasks.
+)Designed and organized Mathematical games and activities to facilitate student’s improvement in Maths

I believe that every student is different and hence different methods and teaching approaches should be applied for each for better results.
In the first lesson, I normally ask my students to take a short test to check their levels and identify the areas they need to improve. For any student, the most important thing is not just helping them to solve the questions, but showing them the process of thinking so that they can deal with any question by themselves.
Exam techniques are also really important so it's necessary to tell the students what they should or should not do and how they should manage the time in every practised question.
I have a few reference Maths books for GCSE and A-level students and a lot of tricks to help students to find interested in Maths and learn Maths easier.
I have loads of experience to help student taking 11+, GCSE and A-level exams. Also, I can help A-level students who want to attend the Maths Olympiad.

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University College London
Degree of Mathematics

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