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I specialise in A-level English Literature and Language tutoring, up to and including A-level and Pre-U.

At present, I am the Graduate Tutor Fellow for King Solomon Academy and I focus on English Literature and Language. The main purpose of my role is to work with children who need additional help in English and to equip them with the confidence that they need to excel in their studies and exams.

I boast a strong academic record, graduating from The University of Bristol with a 2:1 in English literature. Throughout my time at university, I never received a mark below a 2:1 and I balanced my degree with part-time work, volunteering and extracurricular activities such as being the Vice President of Bristol University Women in Leadership. I also received 2 A*'s and an A in my A-Levels.

In 2016, I volunteered at the Calais Refugee Camp, helping children and adults with their English. For a few hours a day, I would teach casual group lessons to anybody who wanted to learn, using just a handheld whiteboard and a small picture book. I found the experience of watching my pupils progress incredibly rewarding and the gratitude they expressed will stay with me forever. In addition to this, I worked in marketing and communications for Boomsatsuma, a creative education provider for 6-months. I had lots of interaction with the students and I witnessed first-hand just how important teacher-student relationships are for strong academic results. Furthermore, last summer I was the team-leader for a week-long poetry retreat in Devon for 13-17 year olds. During the retreat, it was my responsibility to monitor the student’s progress and check their work for grammatical/spelling errors. As with my time at Calais, I relished this experience and took so much enjoyment from witnessing the student’s poetry flourish over the course of the week.

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Beaconsfield High School
A-LEVEL (A*) Media Studies
Beaconsfield High School
A-LEVEL (A*) Psychology
Beaconsfield High School
A-LEVEL (A) English literature
University of Bristol
BA (2:1) English literature

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English Language, English Literature, Chemistry, 7+ and 8+ Entrance Exam Prep, Maths, Biology

Charlotte B
£30 per hour