Tanja B
£40 per hour

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I am a skilled and enthusiastic individual with experience in working one-on-one with both children and students seeking assistance in multiple learning areas. I have outstanding communication and interpersonal skills that help me to get to know the students better and help me provide mentoring and encouragement to students. Some of the areas that I excel in are evaluating students’ learning capabilities and needs, helping them through assignments and suggesting new learning techniques to keep them motivated and confident during the process.

Highlights of my qualifications are:

- Identified the needs of learners and if necessary adapted course content and delivery style to meet their needs.
- Prepared individuals for exams like SAT.
- Coaching students in the areas of Maths and Economics.
- Coached elementary and middle school students on reading, writing, maths, science and geography.

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Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
Bachelor's Business and Economics

GCSE & iGCSE subjects

GCSE Homework Support, Business Studies, Dutch, Statistics, Economics, Accounting, Maths

Tanja B
£40 per hour