Very many people go through their whole lives having no real sense of what their talents may be, or if they have any to speak of.” (Ken Robinson)

Sir Ken Robinson gave talk on the future of our education system and he believes our system needs to change.  See this inspiring talk in full by clicking the link:

He argues the case that to just reform our education system is not good enough.  We need a revolution!  But why?  Many would argue that education in this country is at its peak with more and more students achieving top grades at A-Levels and then going on to university. Sir Robinson takes a more creative view of educating young people and rather than looking at the results tables – he comments on the effects our education system is having on young people.

Sir Robinson believes that the model of education we have in place does not help students find their talents and what they are truly good at.  He likens the education system to the ‘fast food model’ of eating.  i.e. – everything is customised and standardised with no variation between restaurants.  Does a 16 year old GCSE student living in a small village in Cornwall have the same interests and life experiences as a 16 year old GCSE student in London?  The answer is most certainly no, and yet we educate them in exactly the same way.

Sir Ken Robinson is a creativity expert and his vision for the future will obviously take time to filter down into how we teach in schools.  I would like to think that the core values of tutor house are working towards his aims for education in the future.