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Why Go on a Gap Year?

Well first off, a ‘gap year’ is too long. There is no need to go away for a whole year. If you do, you must do something productive! A gap year is a fantastic opportunity to work somewhere unusual or inspiring. It’s really Important to grab this chance while you can. The options available to you are vast and sometimes confusing.

I would suggest this, do something worthwhile, if only for a month or so. Work in a school in Sri Lanka for example teaching English to young children. You get to interact with the local community, teach, organise activities and absorb the culture. It really is an inspiriting opportunity. You can’t to that on a ‘standard gap year’ travelling up the east coast of Australia. Other countries I would suggest are India and Nepal. You can work in conservation areas, work in schools or even shadow doctors in local hospitals.
Working is an absolute must in my opinion, of course working in a bar is fine, but it’s these more obscure and valuable gap years that you really must do.

The major benefit of these sorts of gap years is that they look fantastic on your C.V and at this stage, more importantly, your personal statement for UCAS. Universities love the fact that you’ve worked hard and set yourself goals. Also, even with a drop in university applicants, the competition for places is still fierce. The next person may have achieved ABB at A-Level, but if you’ve been teaching in Sri Lanka for 2 months and they’ve been on the PlayStation, you’re basically in they’re not!

The great thing is that the choices are endless; just make sure you take the time to way up all your options. Quite often students will need to retake exams, although initially when you get your results you’ll be upset, don’t, see it as a great chance to achieve something amazing. Re-sit your exams in January and then go away for 4-5 months. What a fantastic year. I would do anything to be there!