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Our education team
All of our team have extensive experience working within the field of education and are dedicated to providing each student with the educational support they need to thrive.
No hidden fees
With Tutor House, you’ll never pay for anything other than the private tuition sessions that you receive. You will not need to pay a sign-up or membership fee, and all payments are made securely through our website.
Bespoke matches
With our unique job posting system, it means that customers aren't left messaging tutors that never respond. All of our tutors are keen to help you learn and have been especially picked for you by our bespoke matching algorithm.
Free trial calls
Tutor House offers a free 15-minute trial call with your potential tutor so you can see if they are the best fit for you before committing. Once you've had your free call you'll have the option to book discounted package lessons with your tutor, or learn one class at a time.

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What our Happy Customer say

Evgenia M
Chemistry Tutor

Evgenia is an excellent tutor. She’s very friendly, patient and made topics I struggled with easy to understand. Highly recommend and look forward to more lessons with her.

Katya S, Parent
Olivier S
Maths Tutor

I feel that Ollie has hugely helped me out in my studies; he has helped me revise for my mocks and learn things I was not able to grasp in school. Ollie keeps me interested in learning!

Amelia H, Student
Tutor House

Many of the memories I forged at Tutor House have been carried with me, for it was formative not only in attaining the results to get to UCL but equally in furthering me as an academic.

Richard, Student

Trusted by thousands of students and tutors across the UK.

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Our other services

Retake courses

We have a proven track record of helping students to significantly increase their grades and confidence. Whether students need help with retakes in English, maths or any other subject, we can ensure they get the targeted support that they need.

Revision Courses

Our curated GCSE and A-Level revision courses ensure learners get the most out of their studies. We will help students find a tutor who will be able to create a learning plan that directly targets their problem areas to make sure they are prepared for their exams.


Our homeschooling tutors are dedicated professionals and are able to offer expert and high-quality face-to-face private tutoring and personal support for families throughout their homeschooling journey. From their first lesson, students will notice a difference in their attitude and approach to learning.

Tutor House only accepts the top 20% of applicants to become tutors with us.