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Been looking for the moment to work towards your dream of speaking fluent French? Now is the time! It's easier than ever to access high quality tuition from wherever you are in the UK. Book a free trial call now and start lessons with our expert online French tutors today! 

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How can I find a French tutor near me?

Tutor House aims to make the process of finding a tutor easy and accessible for everyone. With our intuitive, user-friendly site, you can easily access a selection of top quality French tutors, all with different price ranges and specialisms. Once you've chosen the right one for you, you can start lessons straight away!

Can I hire a French tutor for my 5 year old?

You're never too young to start learning a language. In fact the earlier the better! Our brains are very malleable when we're younger and better able to absorb new patterns and sequences. All our French tutors are DBS checked and able to work with all ages to keep learning both exciting and productive.

Why should I hire an online French tutor?

Online tuition is a great way to save money and allow your learning to work around you. With virtual teaching, you can access your tutor from wherever you may be in the world.

Am I too old to learn French?

No! The idea that you can only learn a new language when you're young is a myth, so don't let insecurities about approaching a language later in life hold you back.

Find a French tutor today

There's no shortage of reasons to learn French. To name just a few, France is the UK's closest neighbour, it is a language steeped in literary culture and fluency in French is an incredibly useful skill to have on your CV. 

Obtaining a high level in a foreign language is not easy. To pass French exams at A-level and GCSE you will need to excel in speaking, listening, reading and writing. All areas require specific skills and abilities and it is vital to practice them all. Private French lessons will allow you to focus on each of these branches of language learning and track your progress effectively. If you're struggling with the subjunctive or interrogative forms, for example, your French tutor will provide that all-important extra support and make sure you don't fall behind. Language exams, particularly oral, can be very nerve-wracking but with the help of your French tutor, you'll enter them feeling calm and confident.

Perhaps you are not focused on exams but would love to be able to speak fluently with those around you when you visit France. If this applies to you, learning with an experienced French tutor is the way to go. To build up your language skills quickly, the approach you need to take is twofold: 1. Tackle grammar in depth so that you have a complete understanding of the mechanics of the language. 2. Practice speaking French in a safe, low-stress environment. Online French lessons are the best way to guarantee that these principal objectives are consistently met. Your French tutor will help you access the language in a way that is thorough and encourages you to let go of your inhibitions and practice speaking.

So how do I start French lessons, you may be wondering. All you need to do is enter your tutor preferences into our website and you will be presented with a selection of the most suitable French tutors for you. They come at a range of different prices and areas of specialism - you just need to decide who you think would suit you the best. Your first trial call is free to make sure you completely gel with your potential new tutor. Start learning French today - you never know where it will take you!


Pauline D

French Tutor

Pauline is a fantastic French tutor. She has excellent attention to detail and is thorough and kind. I couldn't recommend her more!



Anaïs B

French Tutor

I have known Anaïs for many years and have been receiving French tuition from her for several months now to improve my lower intermediate level. Anaïs is patient, very professional and her lessons are perfectly set to suit your knowledge but also to stretch you a little bit. I would have no hesitation in recommending Anaïs to others seeking to improve their French language skills at any level.